Our rebasing and relining services

Our rebasing and relining services allow us to adjust or reinforce dentures, thus extending their lifespan.


Rebasing involves replacing a denture’s pink acrylic in its entirety. Often used to repair damages, this treatment is perfect for dentures that only require small adjustments, as it helps prolong their lifespan.


Relining consists of adding acrylic to the underside of the denture, which is the part that adheres to the gums. This treatment aims to fill the gap between the soft tissue and the dentures in order to address receding gums and improve patient comfort.

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Boasting over 37 years of experience in the production of partial and complete dentures, removable and fixed implant-retained dentures, our denturology clinic favours a personalized and welcoming approach that immediately puts patients at ease.


Everyone has a right to a bright and happy smile. With that in mind, we partnered with various financial institutions to offer several financing solutions adapted to all types of budgets.

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